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Fahari Tanzania Iringa Baskets Open Weave

Fahari Tanzania Iringa Baskets Open Weave

Iringa Baskets are handwoven by women in the agricultural highland region of Iringa, Tanzania.


Iringa baskets are woven with a reed grass known as milulu which grows abundantly along the lush highland river banks.


Milulu grass is sustainably harvested and dried in the sun giving it a soft tan color. Some of the milulu grasses are naturally dyed with brighter colors and woven together with the tan grass to make the intricately patterned baskets.  


We source these baskets directly from the women that weave them.


Traditionally, these baskets have been used to store grains, to decorate the walls of houses, and to carry produce to and from the market. They are also gifted to new brides by the mother, aunties, grandmothers, sisters or any other female family member.

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