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Pure soy 8 oz. candle in a handmade artisan mouth-blown glass. Every glassware piece is individually blown and unique from the next, created to be repurposed as lovely drinkware. When burned properly, you will enjoy 60 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere. The candles are housed in a vintage parcel made from soft 100% post-consumer cotton paper. Each piece has an origami-folded base revealing a smattering of stars. The scent subtly infuses the packaging, which can be slipped in a drawer to permeate its surroundings with ethereal fragrance.⁣


The Coast Road: Orange blossoms, lime salty mandarin zest, Italian lemon and soft sage. Harmonies of coriander, delicate jasmine, sandalwood, cedar and guiac woo with maritime pine. Smoke grey glassware. 


City of Night: Notes of dark hinoki oil, cypress and fir needle, black pepper, woody floral accords, velvety leather and oaken whiskey.  Smoke grey glassware.


Hashish: High notes of ashtray resins, tart green rhubarb, peppery citrus, cassis and saffron. Hindu buds, violets, dark patchouli and the smell of smoky woody guitars.  Smoke grey glassware.


Pine: Woody evergreen notes blended with blasam oil combine to create a sweet forest aroma.  Smoke grey glassware.


Woodsmoke: Sweet woody perfume of cedarwood, fir balsam, and fragrant forest resins with kindling and natural clove oils.  Smoke grey glassware.


Forest Floor: An earthy perfume with mushroom nuances, mists of rain-soaked ferns, and the earthen smell of dark green moss covering the cool, damp dirt of the forest floor. Smoke grey glassware.


Garden Mint: Highly aromatic mint leaves, sweet spearmint, fresh pink peppercorns, lemon tea, berries, ginger, eucalyptus, soft jasmine petals, and the special extract of Schinus Molle, which is ethically harvested and distilled near the Molle trees in Lima, Peru.  Smoke grey glassware.


Holy Basil: A divine blend of dark green camphorous herbal notes. Notes of clove buds and green vine tomato with wild grasses, cannabis, and sweet basil.

Smoke grey glassware. 


Peace Rose: Verdant wild dark rose grenache and citrus bloom with evergreen and black pine. Rose-tinted glass with violet reflections.


Spirito Santo: Dry pinewood, fir balsam, and cypress drift above cistus and amber notes drenched in bitter orange oils and grapefruit. White opalescent glassware. 

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